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Our Guarantee


Pricing and Agreements


Updated 3-1-18



Standard size Goldendoodles:        Males or Females  $1000.00 

Mini Teddy Bear Goldendoodles:        Males  $1800.00

Mini Teddy Bear Goldendoodles:        Females  $1800.00


Shipping costs are :     $400.00 and up    Shipping includes...., vet check, travel kennel, toys, blanket, and airfare.


We accept a deposit of $300 down on puppies that have arrived only. Sex, Color, Coat type and litter due dates are not guaranteed. You pick your pup as your name falls on the deposit list - First come first serve. If we don't have the puppy you are looking for, you go to the top of the next available litter. After sending the deposit, should you decide not to adopt a  puppy, you will forfeit your deposit. Please think about it and talk it over  BEFORE submitting an application. This is a non-refundable deposit.

The balance is due by the time the puppy is 5 weeks of age. This is to ensure that the checks are cleared and delivery can be scheduled. 

 For puppies without a deposit that are  purchased after 5 weeks of age, payment in full is required at the time of reservation. 



Please copy the following and mail to us along with your deposit to:

Huckleberry Kennels
2648C Quarry-Browns Lake Rd
Chewelah, Washington 99109


 Fill out the application and send it in.

If you have questions first email or call  

Please, Do not send this as an attachment


First and last name *________________________________________________________
Your street address city, state and zip code*______________________________________

Your area code and telephone number.___________________________________________
Your Email Address *________________________________________________________

Closest International Airport to you:____________________________________________

Breed: *_________________________________________________________

What gender do you prefer? *_________________________________________________

How do you plan to get your puppy from us? *_________

Before you go......would you mind telling us where you specifically heard about us........i.e. a specific breeders list, a friend, surfing, etc. ______________________________________________________________

Sales agreement

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. The buyer has a 72 hour guarantee in which he/she is urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed vet. If the vet finds anything seriously wrong with the pup it will be exchanged for a similar pup at once or as soon as one is available. (PROVIDING THAT A LETTER FROM THE EXAMINING VET AND THE PUP IS RETURNED WITHIN THE 72 HOUR TIME PERIOD). If buyer does not live locally, he/she is to notify seller within a 72 hour time period to make arrangements for the return of the puppy. Once the puppy has cleared the initial vet exam it will be understood that seller has provided a healthy pup and that the care of the pup is now in the hands of the buyer. All Transporting/Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. No exchange will be made after the 72 hour time period and no vet bills will be refunded...unless prior arrangements have been made.   Goldendoodles are sold with the understanding that the new owners will spay or neuter their pet by 6 months of age.
 Please sign and return this form with a non-refundable deposit.
  I do take deposits in the order in which they come in on puppies that have arrived only.

Be sure to send it certified mail. We do require a deposit of $300 down
The deposits are entered in my book in the order they arrive.
The puppies go home between 7 and 9 weeks of age. 


Total cost of the Puppy___________________________________

Deposit amount enclosed___________________________________

Balance due at 5 weeks of age_______________________________


*Please make checks payable to Susan Eggleston*

Signature of Buyer** ______________________________________Date:_________________________


Date Puppy was delivered__________________________________

Signature of buyer_______________________________________

Due to the demand for our Goldendoodles and Mini-Doodles
the wait can be 6-12 months depending of course on conception rate,
number of pups in a litter and where you fall on our waiting list.
Reservations are HIGHLY recommended!

Deposit entitles you to pick your pup as your name falls on the list and as one is available.
Sorry  No exceptions in fairness to others!