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Our Guarantee



 **Our Guarantee**               


We here at Huckleberry Kennels strive to create healthy, happy well socialized puppies. We start with good quality AKC registered breeding stock. We then add lots of good mountain sunshine and fresh air, exercise and good quality food. We also donít breed our females as often as some kennels do giving our girls enough time to be healthy themselves so their babies have the best chance possible to be healthy. Still, with all living things, sometimes things happen that are out of our control or your control as a puppy owner. We offer a one year genetic health replacement guarantee to the original owner , if any genetic disabling abnormality is found with in the puppies first year of life. We will replace your puppy with the first puppy of the same gender and size, mini or standard. Written documentation from your veterinarian is required.  

We ask that you take your puppy to the veterinarian when you first get him, with in 72 hours, so all parties involved are on board. You know for sure that you got a healthy puppy. Your vet gets to know your new puppy and that it is in good condition, and they can also see the health and shot record from Huckleberry Kennels, so good follow up can be done on shots and worming your puppy, so he stays healthy.  

We know that you will enjoy your new baby and feel confident we deliver the best possible puppies. 

Thanks from all of us here at Huckleberry Kennels