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Updated 2-19-12



These are some of our past

 Mini Goldendoodle puppies





I picked Bella up from you and Julie at the airport back in December. Julie called her Strawberry that day. That's her middle name. She was described as red collar, white paws. Who knew that red collar/white paws would be filled with such amazing love, the desire to chase the ball like a nut, smart little one, who loves to swim, play with others and snuggle. This little baby is our best buddy. Dan and I thank you, your family and the sweet mom and dad dog who made this little baby-dog. I was on your sight tempting myself on a playmate for Bella. A bit too early for us now, but maybe another day.  

Thank you again!!!  

Lisa & Dan in San Francisco





Hi Susan,

It's Linda, Frank and PJ from New York .  Our "Barney" was from Paddy and Chester 's October 21st 2004 litter.

You will probably be getting several inquiries from people that would like to get a golden doodle from you because they love our Barney so much and all want to use our breeder.

Barney is the most wonderful puppy in the world.  He is so sweet, intelligent, obedient and fun.  He is also soo beautiful.  He looks like a teddy bear.  Oh and he does not shed. He is 9 1/2 months old and weighs 33 lbs.

From the very first day we brought him home he slept through the night and doesn't make a peep until my son wakes up.  He has NEVER chewed on ANYTHING that he is not supposed to, he is not a barker.  We call him the licking lunatic because first thing in the morning and before bed he loves to lick us all to death.  He is so gentle with our 1 yr, old granddaughter.  We live on the beach and he loves to swim every day.  We have a boat and he has gone on every boating trip with us this summer. 

He is one of us.  He loves everything we love.  Every marina we go to he gets voted "best dog".  We have so many people asking us where they can get one just like him that I'm thinking about having cards printed with your website info on it.

I don't have a digital camera but plan to get one soon.  I will send you some photos.  We did put together a wonderful photo album of Barney.  He is soo happy with us and we could not imagine life without him.

We wonder what his brothers and sisters are like?

Thanks for everything,

Linda, Frank, PJ and Barney



Dear Susan,


Hi! I am not sure if you remember which adopter we are but wanted to e-mail to tell you how wonderfully Boomer is doing. I will send a picture shortly. He is almost 5 months and he is the best dog ever. He causes a crowd wherever he goes with people saying how adorable and cute he is! People are so puzzled trying to figure out what he is....and can't believe that he is going to stay small. He has been healthy and has a wonderful temperament that is just perfect for us. He is really smart and loving. He was easy to potty train and very quick to learn. He is great with the kids and our older dog now finally adores him too. He was one of the darkest in the litters but has lighted up in color. His coat is a real mix but mostly poodle hair but has a slight wave so he is shaggy. Most of all, we absolutely love his personality. He has the cutest personality and we are lucky to have him. He is doing well at the beach here and at home. He loves to sit in the float with us and float around the bay. He also is swimming a little bit. He is still afraid of the ocean but it will take time. He loves to get a bath and loves to be blow dried and pampered. It is really funny. We got a call as a reference a month ago and we gave a great reference. We wish you the best and thank you for good breeding. We will send a picture soon!







I just had to tell you tonight was the first night of dog training classes!

Boomer did excellent. He is so smart. I knew it. He catches onto the training first before the other dogs. Sure they might laugh at me with my soft furry looking dog that sits in my lap, but he caught on so quickly, faster than those akitas, sheperds, labs, mastifs, and retrievers. He is so easily trained and really smart. Ha! The dog trainer was really surprised too.  

Isn't that funny?







Hi! Boomer is all better from his greenie. 

I have to spread the news! We are so excited! Today for the first time at 5 months and just barely 20 lbs, he went swimming in the ocean! He retrieves balls in the waves and battles through them. It was really quite amazing. Everyone with their 75 lb+ labs retrieving were amazed at tiny Boomer flying in after the ball! He would come out so proud of himself! and beg for more. My 80 lb-er 8 year old would barely get her feet wet. I never thought he'd do it but he does. My kids were so shocked and my son was so thankful as he is so envious of all the other dog owners whose dogs swim. I almost hope he gets a little bigger because I was getting worried about him out there. Next time I'll take my camera so you can see! He is just a great dog with so much personality.






Hello Jeanne:
Susan Eggleston of Huckleberry Kennels asked me to contact you about our experience with their services.
I am always happy to find someone to whom I can send images of  my very special new friend, Meg.
Here she is at 10 weeks and again at 4.5 months.
Meg was healthy when we received her after a 45 or 60 minute flight via Alaska from Spokane . I just love this dog, and everyone who has met her concurs she is attractive and very people-friendly.






Hi Susan,


This is Buddy Charles at four months old.  We are so in love with him, he is such a wonderful dog.  Great disposition and incredibly smart, we think he is training us sometimes.  We traveled with him all over the Western U.S. and Canada this summer and he was a wonderful traveler.

Right now, he is six months old and about 24 pounds.  I have already given out your name to a number of people who have wanted to buy a miniature Goldendoodle.  Thanks again for such a great pup!!  

The Dahle Family





These are some of our past

 Standard Goldendoodle puppies



Yes, we are enjoying him so much. We are blessed with a new family member. We named him Bruin, my husband played football for UCLA.  Bruin is getting used to our two cats, Lucy and Paquito and adjusting to this three hour time difference……..  Thanks again for sending us our baby. He is very thoughtful, smart and kind. Thanks!  

Barbie and George





I'd be more than happy to share how much we're crazy for Ruby!  She's doing great.  She went from 10.5 to almost 17 lbs in three weeks between vet appointments.  She's fitting well into our family, and thanks to our friend, Bob, she's mostly well behaved!  I haven't downloaded any recent pictures, but here's one from when she first got home.  Please feel free to share.

Happy New Year to you all 

Karen, Mike, Keara, Tia and Ruby



Hi Susan,  

Here are some recent pictures of Soda.  I guess he’s a bit over 13 weeks in these.  Did his dad really weigh 85 lbs?  He’s gonna be a big boy!!

He has an excellent personality, he is very easy to train and he loves people.  We couldn’t be happier!  




This is Callahan 6 months 3 weeks old. Born on Sept. 13, 2005 from Jean & Josie. He is a clown & makes us laugh every day. He is extremely intelligent & quick to learn.    Chuck & Sandy , Nine Mile Falls Wa.



Callahan is a week short of 7 months old. He weighs 48 lbs. He learns very quickly & was at the head of the class in puppy school. He started his first obedience class today & did very well.      Chuck & Sandy